Personal Venus Factor Review

Venus FactorI want to explain why I bought the Venus Factor weight loss eBook in this Venus Factor review. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, and became baffled when ordinary calorie cutting measures weren’t giving me any results. Surely by dropping a few hundred calories per day should result in my losing weight, right?

Well, in theory it would. But what I had noticed is a “sluggishness” in my efforts. I’d lose a couple of pounds, then a few days later, I’d see a pound creep back up, and then off again. I found it pretty discouraging.

So, I began doing searches for weight loss. If you are a woman (and you probably are if you’re reading this) and have been desperately trying to find realistic and sustainable ways to lose weight, you probably have done some of the same searches that I did. That’s when I came across John Barban’s “Venus Factor” 12 week nutrition plan.

The way John explains everything makes sense. What he concentrates on is the hormone called “leptin” that has a lot to do with whether or not we can lose weight. Basically, high levels of leptin speed up metabolism to burn fat and low levels of leptin slow down metabolism and signal our bodies to STORE fat. Then, he says that there’s a “good news – bad news” scenario to this because while women usually have more leptin than men do (that’s the good news), we are in a state of “leptin resistance” which makes our leptin levels go DOWN when we’re dieting (ant that’s the bad news).

The idea is to increase our leptin sensitivity to raise our body’s metabolic rate and burn fat faster. As you learn when you begin to read Venus Factor (which is an instant download once you get through all their sales pitches after you put your order in to buy the eBook), you can raise your leptin sensitivity through a number of strategies including getting more sleep, fasting, exercise, and using certain supplements.

I can understand the thinking behind all these, particularly the idea of “short term fasting” (talking about not eating anything with any caloric value for 12 hours or so. John does cover this in Venus Factor.

One thing in physics that doesn’t change is that there’s no way you’re going to lose weight without burning more calories than you take in. So, if that’s the case, why didn’t eating less help me lose weight? Lets continue answering these questions in this review of Venus Factor…

Well, what I discovered was that women can’t curtail calorie intake for very long without having those leptin levels drop (which men don’t seem to experience when THEY curtail calorie intake for a long time). For us females, doing the heavy caloric decrease for a long time not only makes our leptin levels go down, but we’re going to have more cravings AND our ability to burn fat decreases. I don’t know about you, but when I start getting hungry and cravings hit, I’m all done. I’m in the freezer grabbing that ice cream container, no matter how committed I feel like I am to losing weight.

I really dislike that part of my makeup. It bums me out, and that’s all there is to it.

So, the more I read and learned the more the Venus Factor 12 week nutrition plan made sense. I’m doing it! And I’m already feeling a little better.

Here’s what is going to help YOU feel better about yourself. You’re going to come to understand your “trigger” foods – foods that could derail your efforts. You’ll also learn that you’re going to be able to eat them, which Venus Factor teaches. (Happy Face!) John explains when and how. .

There are definitely going to be some things you’re going to need to stop doing. You’re going to have to curtail sugar intake. That’s a no brainer, so I won’t go into that further.

John explains in Venus Factor that the proper way to incorporate carbs into your daily eating plan so that you’re not going to have terrible cravings. He also clearly explains how important TIMING is to your eating habits, and – good thing for me – you don’t necessarily HAVE to eat breakfast (which I don’t really like). BUT, you do have to eat – and in large part it’s a matter of when.

There are a number of technical and scientific explanations for everything that John recommends, and I do have to say that he does a good job of explaining them in terms that I personally understand – a good thing since I’m not much into science. Again, he makes a lot of sense with Venus Factor.

There are calculators to help you decide what measurements and weight targets are ideal for YOU – not just based on what some movie stars look like. You’ll even be able to determine what are the right portions of protein for your situation! In other words, there are some great tools to help you get started on the right foot and with realistic expectations.

You’ll know exactly what protocols to follow from week to week with Venus Factor. You’ll learn not only about resetting your metabolism, but also your mindset – one of the most important keys to success in ANY endeavor.

And, you’ll get a number of excellent meal plans to guide you on your way – and by the way, one of the “add ons” to the program when you buy it is the advantage of getting ALL 12 WEEKS of completely “done for you” meal plans! So, that makes it practically fool-proof! You even get a grocery list. All that’s missing is John coming over and actually delivering and making the food FOR you!

Finally – and then I’ll wrap this up because I know that this review is getting long… The membership dashboard with Venus Factor is VERY easy to understand and work with. It’s easy to find the exercise videos (and full explanations about why these particular exercises are important). It’s easy to find and navigate everything.

And, if you also try the forum – or their community of fellow “Venus” women, you’ll find a ton of peer support in Venus Factor.

In the Venus Factor eBook alone, you’re getting 181 pages of outstanding information based in science and not pop-culture, and you’re also going to meet some of the women and hear their stories. If at least ONE of those doesn’t resonate with you, I’d be surprised. All in all, this is the best $37 I’ve ever spent on a weight loss book. And, even though there are a few more things you can buy (the 12 weeks of meal plans that I mentioned earlier for another $29.95, and a few other things, including the month-to-month forum, or “Immersion” that goes for $79/month), it’s all good, solid stuff.

So, if you are a woman, and you want to lose weight, buy Venus Factor. You have nothing to lose except fat – and you can even get your money back if you don’t like it within 60 days of your purchase.

See you on the inside!
Cheers, hope you enjoyed this Venus Factor review!