What Makes Women’s Weight Loss So Hard?

Woman Standing on Scale
Woman Standing on Scale

When a man and a woman go on a diet together, chances are that the man will lose weight more quickly than his female counterpart. Why does that happen? Is there something different about their chemistry or lifestyle?

Muscle and Weight Loss

Women’s weight loss is more difficult to manage because they don’t carry the same amount of muscle around as men do (in general). There are always exceptions, but women with more muscle than their male friends don’t have to worry about losing weight anyway. Muscle burns fat even at rest so men naturally burn up calories more quickly than their wives, daughters, and sisters.

Start with Exercise

The obvious and quickest way to overcome this disadvantage is to start lifting weights and working out. Don’t head to the gym and try to pick up 100 lbs like the beefy gym rats who hang out there all the time. Start at home with free weights or kettle bells.

Warm up your muscles first by walking, jogging, or dancing. Next, select weights which will challenge your muscles by the 8th rep and complete 3 sets of 8 with a short rest in between. Bicep curls and overhead presses are easiest since those are your largest arm muscles. Choose lighter weights for lateral raises and tricep extensions. Perform sets of squats and leg lifts in order to engage the bigger muscles which will use more energy and burn more fat. Pick one day to work out arms, the next to work out legs, and rotate.

Women, Children, and Food

It’s tempting to eat the little bits your children leave on their plates at the end of a meal. Mothers hate to waste their kids’ food, especially if it looks really good. The jammy crusts of sandwiches, crumbs of cookies, and last gulps of milk add up to many calories in a day and an unthinkable number by the end of the week.

Learn from Habits

If your child habitually leaves his crusts, slice them off prior to making a sandwich and save them to make crumbs later or for feeding birds at the park. If a child is fussy, only give him a very small amount of food at one time and let him ask for more. He’s less likely to leave parts of a meal on his plate. Only fill his glass with as much milk as he can drink or switch to water.

Period Pains

The worst time for weight gain in a woman’s life is during her menstrual cycle. She often craves comfort foods like chocolate and eats badly because she feels yucky. Is it so bad to give yourself a treat at this time of the month? Not at all: this is the best time to cave in. Be kind to yourself, but reserve treats for the day when you feel like you need them most. Remind yourself two weeks later when you want a big bar of chocolate that you will get your chance to indulge just a little. When there are rewards to look forward to, you are less likely to binge.